Enacted: 1.12.2020.

Last modified: 1.12.2023.

1. General Provisions

1.1 IT Talent OÜ (registry code: 12735787, notice of economic activities of manager of continuing adult education 246623) organizes professional development training for adults.

1.2 IT Talent OÜ organizes professional development training based on the applicable legislation in the field of adult education and other related legislation and documents.

1.3 Studies are conducted online or at the address Veerenni 36a/2-4, Tallinn, or in other premises suitable for studies, rented on an hourly basis or in the training premises of the training client.

1.4 Teaching takes place as training throughout the year. The training takes place on the basis of a training calendar, which is published on the website of IT Talent OÜ at https://academy.ittalent.ee.

1.5 Teaching takes place mainly on working days in the form of full-time studies. Depending on the customer's needs, custom training can also be conducted in the evenings or on weekends.

1.6 The training takes place as group training.

1.7 The training is conducted in Estonian, Russian, and English, depending on the specific course.

1.8 IT Talent OÜ has the right to make changes to the training plan, schedule, and location. Those registered for the training will be notified of any changes via email.

1.9 The languages used in the administrative processes of IT Talent OÜ are Estonian, Russian, or English.

2. Study Process and Curriculum

2.1 The study process is based on competency-based curricula.

2.2 The foundational document for studies is the curriculum, which defines:

  • the name of the curriculum,

  • the curriculum group,

  • learning outcomes,

  • conditions for starting studies (if required as a prerequisite for achieving learning outcomes),

  • the total volume of studies (including the proportion of auditory, practical, and independent lessons),

  • the content of the curriculum,

  • teaching methods,

  • a description of the learning environment,

  • a list of study materials (if study materials are required to complete the curriculum),

  • assessment methods, evaluation criteria, and conditions for graduation, as well as the documents issued upon graduation,

  • description of the qualifications, learning, or work experience required to conduct the training.

2.3 The requirements for the curriculum are established in the continuing education and professional qualification standards.

2.4 The volume of the curriculum is determined in academic hours, with one academic hour equivalent to 45 minutes.

2.5 The study process is conducted in e-learning format unless otherwise specified. E-learning utilizes computers, mobile phones, the internet, and digital learning materials to enhance the quality and efficiency of education.

2.6 The education is delivered through auditory, practical, and independent lessons. The proportion of each educational format is determined in the curriculum.

2.7 Auditory lessons involve educational activities organized within the learning environment, such as lectures, workshops, case analyses, group discussions, or other forms, aimed at achieving the learning objectives. Both students and the teacher participate in auditory lessons.

2.8 Practical lessons involve applying the acquired knowledge and skills through practical activities within the framework of the curriculum, typically in a work environment under the guidance of a supervisor or mentor, to achieve specific learning objectives.

2.9 Independent lessons involve acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills for achieving learning outcomes independently, in accordance with tasks provided by the teacher, such as watching recorded videos, reading additional articles, etc.

2.10 The student confirms their participation in the study process by signing the attendance sheet for each training session.

3. Collection and Processing of Personal Data

3.1 IT Talent OÜ collects the following data about learners:

  • name,

  • contact phone number,

  • email address,

  • personal identification code (isikukood).

The personal identification code is required to issue the certificate. Personal data is processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act §6.

3.2 The privacy policy of IT Talent OÜ is described in more detail here.

4. Admission to Training

4.1 Prior registration is required for participation in the training, and it should be done in writing. Registration can be completed on the IT Talent OÜ website at https://academy.ittalent.ee or by sending an email to [email protected].

4.2 Information required for registration includes the student's name, personal identification code, email address, phone number, and the name and address of the invoice recipient.

4.3 Those who register online will receive a confirmation of registration to the email address provided in the registration form on the website.

4.4 By placing an order, a contract is considered concluded between the parties, granting the customer or the person specified in the order the right to participate in the registered training, and the customer assumes the obligation to pay the cost of the training.

4.5 The deadline for registering for the training is at least one working day before the start of the training.

4.6 Confirmation emails, including precise information about the training location, schedule, and duration, will be sent to registered participants at least 2 days before the training begins.

4.7 Students have the right to obtain additional information from IT Talent OÜ employees, whose contact details can be found on the website https://academy.ittalent.ee

5. Training Group Formation

5.1 To initiate the training, a list of participants, or a study group, is compiled.

5.2 Participants who have pre-registered are eligible to start the training.

5.3 The maximum number of students in a training group is 20. The minimum number of students required to open a study group is 5.

6. Payment for Training

6.1 Payment for the training is made based on an invoice. The invoice is issued via email or through the e-invoice center. The invoice must be paid by the due date specified on the invoice.

6.2 Generally, the invoice is paid before the start of the training unless otherwise agreed with the instructor and/or accountant.

6.3 For long-term training, the entire amount may be paid in advance, or, by agreement with the training center representative, payments may be made in installments based on a payment schedule, unless otherwise stipulated in the contract for continuing education.

6.4 The tuition fee for the training includes the cost of study materials.

6.5 There is no exemption from tuition fees for continuing education.

6.6 The training institution reserves the right to deny participation in the training to individuals who have not paid the training fee by the specified deadline.

7. Tuition Fee Income Tax Refund

7.1 IT Talent OÜ (registry code: 12735787, notice of economic activities of manager of continuing adult education 246623) has submitted an economic activities notification in the Estonian Education Information System for conducting adult professional development training. This allows students to declare training costs in their individual income tax return and receive a 20% income tax refund.

7.2 Income tax refund is applicable if the student participated in the aforementioned provider's continuing education, where the curriculum aims to achieve professional competence described in the curriculum of formal education or in a professional standard, or language learning.

7.3 If the curriculum does not have such an objective, no income tax refund can be claimed for training costs.

7.4 To avail the income tax benefit, the participant must complete the TSD declaration and meet the conditions set by the Estonian Tax and Customs Board (EMTA).

8. Withdrawal from Training, Interruption of Training. Conditions for Tuition Fee Refund

8.1 Participants have the option to withdraw from or interrupt ongoing training.

8.2 Notification of withdrawal must be made in writing via email ([email protected]) at least 7 working days before the training commences.

8.3 Refund of the tuition fee for withdrawal occurs under the following conditions:

   - Withdrawal notification more than 7 days before the training – 100% refund of the tuition fee.

   - Withdrawal notification less than 7 days before the training – no refund of the tuition fee.

8.4 In case of later withdrawal from the training or non-participation without prior notification, as per the general conditions in point 8.3, the full cost of the training is due, and any already paid tuition fees will not be refunded.

8.5 Notification of the interruption of ongoing training is made in writing via email ([email protected]).

8.6 Conditions for interruption and the possibility of resuming the training later are agreed upon through negotiations between the parties.

8.7 Upon interruption, the student has the right to request a certificate or document indicating the completed portion of the training.

8.8 Absence from or interruption of training by the participant is not compensated or offset.

9. Cancellation or Postponement of Training

9.1 IT Talent OÜ reserves the right to cancel or postpone training in case of insufficient enrollment in the training group.

9.2 Those registered will be notified of this decision by phone or email.

9.3 In the event of training cancellation, the participant can choose to transfer to another training or receive a full refund of the tuition fee if desired.

10. Conditions and Procedure for Removing Students from Training

10.1 If a student does not participate in scheduled auditory or practical lessons on agreed-upon days and time periods, the student will be removed from the training.

10.2 A student will also be removed from the training if they have more absences than allowed in the learning process.

10.3 Students displaying disruptive behavior in the learning process and showing aggression towards other students or teachers will be removed from the training.

10.4 The entity referring to or funding the training will be informed of the removal.

10.5 Continuing studies and completing the training are possible only if additional negotiations have taken place between the training institution and the student, and an agreement has been reached regarding adherence to learning conditions and behavior rules.

10.6 In the case of removal from training, no certificate or proof of attendance will be issued. Upon request, a notice about the extent of completed training will be provided.

11. IT Talent OÜ Rights and Responsibilities

11.1 IT Talent OÜ has the right to:

  • receive the specified training fee,

  • not open a training group if the number of registered participants is less than the planned group size,

  • cancel a training indicated in the training calendar if the expected number of participants has not been met,

  • make necessary changes to the training schedule and training materials while ensuring the quality of the training,

  • receive feedback on its work from students, clients, and the training institution board.

11.2 IT Talent OÜ has the obligation to:

  • conduct training according to the established curriculum, at the agreed-upon location, time, and day,

  • prepare the necessary materials for the training,

  • ensure that the training materials comply with current regulations and legislation,

  • keep records of the occurrence of classes,

  • inform the student of any postponement or cancellation of the training by phone and/or email.

12. Student's Rights and Responsibilities

12.1 The student has the right to:

  • receive quality training according to the selected course,

  • familiarize themselves with the training regulations and curriculum before starting the training, and receive additional information about the training,

  • participate in the specified activities outlined in the continuing education curriculum,

  • receive the study materials specified in the continuing education curriculum,

  • provide informal feedback (including suggestions) to the instructors regarding the content and organization of the training,

  • discontinue participation in continuing education at their own discretion, understanding that in such cases, tuition fees will not be refunded,

  • receive a certificate, a proof of attendance, or any other document confirming participation in continuing education.

12.2 The student is obligated to:

  • participate in the training for which they have registered or confirmed their participation in writing in a reproducible form,

  • timely pay the tuition fee based on the invoice issued by IT Talent OÜ,

  • actively participate in classes and complete study assignments,

  • attend virtual and blended learning sessions with a working webcam and microphone,

  • adhere to generally accepted behavioral norms,

  • inform the training institution in writing about non-participation on the training day,

  • notify the training institution as soon as possible if they decide to withdraw from continuing education.

13. Procedure for Dispute Resolution

13.1 Disagreements and disputes between a participant and a teacher are primarily resolved through negotiations. If the disagreements cannot be resolved through negotiations, the dispute will be settled in Harju County Court.

14. Evaluation of Training, Graduation, and Issuance of Documents

14.1 Evaluation of the student's knowledge and skills is conducted based on learning outcomes.

14.2 Upon graduation of the training and successful attainment of learning outcomes, the training institution issues a certificate to the participant. If learning outcomes were not assessed during the course or if the participant did not achieve them, a proof of attendance is issued.

14.3 The conditions for completing the training are outlined in the training curriculum.

14.4 A certificate is issued to the participant if they have attended at least 70% of the auditory lessons, completed 70% of practical assignments, and successfully passed applicable tests (i.e., at least 70% of answers are correct).

14.5 A proof of attendance or completion is issued to participants if the learning outcome was not achieved, but the participant actively participated in the coursework. The proof of attendance is issued based on the number of attended auditory lessons, excluding cases where the participant attended less than half of the auditory lessons.

14.6 All issued certificates and proofs of attendance are numbered, and records are maintained.

14.7 At the end of the training, the participant completes a feedback form for the respective course.

The Basics of OÜ IT Talent Study Organisation is valid from 1.12.2020.

Last modified 1. December 2023.


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