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Why do students choose us?

IT Talent is a professional team of IT recruiters who love their work and are ready to pass on their knowledge. Our company has helped expand the teams of famous IT companies as Kühne Nagel, Linnworks, Arvato, Wise, Twilio, Yolo, GrabCAD, Topia and others.

«Learn and share» core value is a part of our DNA. Staying true to our mission of "helping people and companies grow," we are always continuing to learn and grow professionally ourselves. We have trained great specialists from different countries and accelerated their career growth.

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IT Talent is a training card cooperation partner of the Unemployment Insurance Fund.

IT Talent - a professional team of recruiters offering the best online recruitment training

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Learn how to become one of the best IT recruiters in the market,
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Do you want to become a recruitment professional?

All educational programs are built in a system from simple to complex, so that each specialist can get unique practical knowledge and achieve their professional goals.

During the course, we work on real vacancies to convert the knowledge into skills and healthy habits.

  1. IT Recruiter.

    iconA voluminous hands-on course consisting of two levels:

    Part 1: “Modern Recruitment”

    Part 2: “Technical Competence”

    • Learn how to search and select candidates from scratch, using a variety of methods and modern online candidate sourcing and evaluation tools;
    • Effectively recruit IT professionals;
    • Be confident in IT terminology and fill any role in the IT field.
  2. Advanced Recruitment Course. Productivity and automation

    A practical course for companies, HR professionals and IT recruiters to take the hiring process up to the next level of efficiency.

    • Make recruitment more effective by implementing automation into the process;
    • Hire more talent by using advanced sourcing and recruiting methods, investing less time in the routine;
    • Save your time delegating your work to robots to focus on strategic tasks and offering great candidate experience.

Our students work here

IT Talent students work at "Bondora"
IT Talent students work at "Eesti Energia"
IT Talent students work at "LHV"
IT Talent students work at "Iglu"
IT Talent students work at "Manpower"
IT Talent students work at "Bondora"
IT Talent students work at "Eesti Energia"
IT Talent students work at "LHV"
IT Talent students work at "Iglu"
IT Talent students work at "Manpower"


Snežana Sander-Vanhalle

Snežana Sander-Vanhalle

HR Business Partner, IT Recruiter

Woo-hoo! 🎉 I'm beyond thrilled to share that I've successfully completed my final course with IT Talent!💃I'm so grateful for the invaluable knowledge and skills I gained, and can't wait to put them into practice to take my career to the next level. Huge thanks to my amazing teachers Julia Jolkin 👠👠 and Alina Kutlugalina, who were there every step of the way. Special kudos to Kaidi Räsu🌱 and Natalie G., who set the bar high! Great to be among TOP3 with you! Let's crush it, ladies! 💪

Kristiine Mäggi

Kristiine Mäggi

Strategic Talent Sourcer

I'm thrilled to announce that I've recently received my certification in the Advanced Recruitment Course. Productivity and automation hosted by IT Talent. The course provided me with insights into the latest trends in recruitment, and I gained practical experience in using different AI tools to streamline the hiring process.🚀 Thank you to the course instructors Julia Jolkin 👠👠and Alina Kutlugalina for a fantastic learning experience, and I can't wait to see what's next in the world of recruitment! I'm grateful to be part of a company that values ongoing learning and development, and that supports its employees in their professional growth. Thank you, Fontes Talent Advisory, for investing in my education and helping me to become an even more valuable member of our team🧡

Kira Churakova

Kira Churakova

IT Recruiter, Sourcer

I recently completed the incredible "Productivity and Automation" course on IT Talent, which was led by highly skilled mentors Julia Julia Jolkin 👠👠 and Alina Kutlugalina. I'm extremely grateful to my teachers for their ability to explain complex technical concepts in a simple and accessible way. The course provides students with the opportunity to apply their newly acquired knowledge in practical situations, which is very valuable. Thanks to this course, I feel as though I've discovered the secrets of the universe 😉 and have gained a powerful sense of confidence. I'm truly appreciative of my teachers for their generous sharing of knowledge

Alesja Solonevits

Alesja Solonevits


I'm excited to announce that I'm nearly finished with the Technical Competence course from IT Talent! Over the past several weeks, I've gained invaluable knowledge about software development life cycle (SDLC), including different methodologies, team structures, front and back end fundamentals, programming languages, and database design. Thanks to the excellent guidance of my instructors, Julia Jolkin 👠👠 and Ekaterina👋 Krivich, I now feel confident in my ability to source and interview specialists involved in the first four stages of SDLC. They have a unique talent for explaining complex technical concepts in simple, human terms.

Polina Shalova

Polina Shalova

Tech Recruiter

As Julia Jolkin 👠👠 said, 'fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride!' The 'IT Recruiter: Part 2. Technical Competence' course by IT Talent started yesterday, and I am excited to learn about all the stages of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). They say it's going to be a challenging five weeks, but I'm ready for the journey. Seatbelts fastened and ready to go!

Liisika Palu

Liisika Palu


I’m very happy to share that I’ve graduated from the Modern recruitment course from IT Talent ! 🥳 I enjoy the course a lot. Julia Jolkin 👠👠 and Alina Kutlugalina are just wonderful, their teachings skills and willingness to help is something to admire! 🤩 A huge thank you to the both of you! 😊

Paula Misjutina

Paula Misjutina

Talent Acquisition Partner

It was amazing experience 🙌🏼 100% better recruiter and my knowledge about IT - I’M A PRO NOW 💪🏼🤓 Really- this training gave me so much knowledge, skills … I am much more aware of the subs of every IT field and I know exactly which role fits where! #talent #recruiter Thank You Julia Jolkin 👠👠 and Ekaterina👋 Krivich - you are awesome mentors! I am honored to learn from you 🥰

Julia Jolkin - IT recruiting trainer and founder of IT Talent and IT Talent Academy

Julia Jolkin

Top IT Recruiter, Founder of IT Talent and IT Talent Academy, Mentor

Recruitment experience: 17 years. After 10 years in the profession, Julia realised that recruitment is the part of the HR function that inspires her the most. In 2014 she founded the recruitment agency IT Talent.

  • One of the first certified sourcers in Estonia (Social Talent Black Belt in Internet Recruitment, 2016)
  • Recruiter of the year, Estonia 2022. The nomination is received because of the positive impact on the recruitment market in general and the training of young recruiters.
  • Speaker at international conferences: HRU Tallinn 2018, HRAPI St Petersburg 2019, SOSU Amsterdam 2019, SOSU TECH 2022, The Global HR & Recruitment Forum 2022, and Annual recruitment conferences and meetups in Estonia.


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