Modern Recruitment.

Skyrocket your career by mastering sourcing skills, data-driven and candidate-centric approach through self-paced study with flexible scheduling.

Start: 2. June

Format: online


At the end of the training, you will proficiently conduct an effective recruitment process using modern sourcing techniques alongside digital solutions, recruitment software, and artificial intelligence. You will implement principles of a candidate-centric and data-driven approach to ensure the best results.

  • 50 academic hours

    50 hours of self-paced independent work with practical assignments and feedback from the teacher.

  • 8 educational modules

    34 video lessons that can be watched on desktop and mobile on your own flexible schedule.

  • 8 bonuses to win

    8 great bonus video lessons and a sourcing library to win if you pass the assessments.

  • 4 weeks of practice

    We will work on your role together, go through all recruitment stages and hopefully fill your role.

  • 1 live meeting with speakers and experts

    3 academic hours online, with answers to all your questions and support from the mentor.

  • More than 15 useful files and manuals

    A useful recruiter’s toolkit: lots of templates and manuals you will be using at work on a daily basis.

Who are these courses for?

Wanna-be recruiters and fresh recruiters who want to learn modern and effective recruitment from scratch and/or advance to the next level of competence and digital skills.

HR specialists aspiring to become more valuable employees in their companies and acquire effective recruitment skills.

Experienced recruiters seeking better results, aiming to employ contemporary methods, and work systematically, faster, and more efficiently.

HR team leads and hiring managers who want to enhance recruitment efficiency within the company by transitioning to modern methods and adopting a systematic approach with a focus on candidate experience, data collection, and analytics.


Learning outcomes

  • You will expertly plan a targeted search strategy and confidently manage the recruitment process by showcasing advanced digital skills, utilizing recruitment software, digital applications, and AI.

  • You will find candidates in databases and on social media, by creating Boolean Search and Google X-Ray sourcing queries and automating targeted searches using search engines and Chrome extension.

  • You will comprehend the principles of digital data management in accordance with GDPR to ensure the confidentiality of candidate personal data and compliance with data protection requirements.

  • You will explain how to enhance your performance by monitoring recruitment process metrics and analyzing recruitment process data.

  • You will define your responsibilities in the recruiter role and apply principles of a candidate-centric approach to ensure a high-quality candidate experience.


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  • Certificate

    A certificate is awarded to a student who has attended 70% of the lessons, completed 70% of the assignments, and successfully passed the final test.

  • Hands-on experience

    We work on your vacancy together as you progress through the course.

  • Increased productivity

    100% of our students, as active recruiters, increase their productivity and close at least 3 times more positions after the course.

  • Recruiter's Toolkit

    Lots of templates and manuals you will be using at work on a daily basis.

  • Support in job search

    81% of students looking for jobs receive offers during or immediately after the course.

Our students work here

IT Talent students work at "Bondora"
IT Talent students work at "Eesti Energia"
IT Talent students work at "LHV"
IT Talent students work at "Iglu"
IT Talent students work at "Manpower"
IT Talent students work at "Bondora"
IT Talent students work at "Eesti Energia"
IT Talent students work at "LHV"
IT Talent students work at "Iglu"
IT Talent students work at "Manpower"

The results of our students

Irina Ranneva - results of IT Talent Academy students
Irina Ranneva

English teacher

  • From English teacher

    Ira worked as an English teacher and was severely burned out in the Covid.

  • To IT Recruiter

    Ira became one of the winners of the course, winning free tuition at the next level. She overcame all of her fears and found her first job as an IT Recruiter.


Julia Jolkin, Alina Kutlugalina, and Ekaterina Krivich gently guided me from zero to hero. Looking forward to the next course with you!

Maris Otteson - results of the recruitment course at the IT Talent Academy
Maris Otteson

Junior IT Recruiter

  • From Junior

    Maris came to recruitment from commerce. She was promoted to junior IT recruiter and felt the need to pump up her technical competencies.

  • To Recruitment Business Partner

    Within six months, Maris had gone through all of our training steps. She graduated as a winner two of the steps as a top student. As a result, Maris was promoted to Recruitment Business Partner and lit up her entire team, including the company's CTO.


From the beginning of this year I have taken part of all the #ittalent courses. I can see how I have grown and how much my approach to challenges has changed. It's been an amazing ride and I am very grateful to all of the teachers, not just for the theoretical part but also for the personal experience they shared.

Amanda Muceniece-Krūmiņa - results of students of the IT Talent Academy online recruitment course
Amanda Muceniece-Krūmiņa


  • From Recruiter

    Amanda worked for a rapidly growing company with a rare chance of the same rapid career advancement for herself.

  • To Global Talent Acquisition Manager

    Now Amanda is a confident Global Talent Acquisition Manager at an unicorn company. She has completed all stages of our training and leads a team of recruiters from several countries.


Thanks to our talented teachers Julia Jolkin, Alina Kutlugalina and Jelena Laudver. It was an amazing experience not only to learn the newest trends in recruitment but also to get to know such amazing study mates - recruitment professionals.

Olga Uusma -  student results in the online IT Talent Academy
Olga Uusmaa


  • From Stewardess

    Olga was a stewardess, married a pilot and had 2 wonderful boys. She joined the course in November 2021 with the help of a European fund.

  • To IT Recruitment Specialist

    After the first part of the course, Olga got her first recruitment job in an agency. She is working with different vacancies: from pharmaceutical jobs to IT roles. She won the second course and joined the Technical competence group in January 2022.


It was mind-blowing! The whole new universe of IT opened up for me with help of Julia Jolkin and Ekaterina Krivich. These ladies are rocking! My world will never be the same. Now let's get back to hard work. I'm gonna head-hunt you!

Elina Suu - results of recruitment training at the online IT Talent Academy
Elina Suu

Office manager

  • From Office Manager

    Elina desperately wanted new heights in her career and accepted a job offer with an immediate chance to grow. The firm MPeasy, after barely hiring her, paid for Elina to attend our course.

  • To Recruiter

    Elina graduated among the best, gained confidence in her abilities and became a successful recruiter for the firm.


Thank you Julia Jolkin and Jelena Laudver for the amazing course! Now I am more confident in recruitment. You both are great trainers.

Kedi Le Brocque
Kedi Le Brocque

Head of Human Resources

  • From Maternity Leave

    Kedi wanted to acquire internationally transferable skills and get a new career direction.

  • To Talent Acquisition Partner

    Kedi successfully graduated from the IT Talent Academy, securing her dream job as a Talent Acquisition Partner at Genius Sports.


If you are seeking to broaden your horizons and expand your professional capabilities, I highly recommend this incredible course.



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Our speakers

  • Julia Jolkin

    Julia Jolkin

    Top IT Recruiter, Founder of IT Talent and IT Talent Academy, Mentor

Course program

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  • Module 1. Recruitment competencies & fundamentals

    Curriculum group:

    0413 Management and administration curriculum group.

    0688 Interdisciplinary study field of information and communication technology.

    You will learn:

    • Myths and reality of the recruiter profession.

    • What competencies should a successful and productive recruiter have?

    • What roles are there in recruitment? Recruiter’s career path.

    • Recruitment Life Cycle. What are the phases and basic concepts of systemic recruitment?

    • How to build effective cooperation between in-house and agency.

    • How to save a candidate's personal information in accordance with GDPR law rules.

    • How to choose a suitable candidate management platform for a smooth recruitment process.

    Module outcomes:

    • You will eliminate all doubts and questions about the profession.

    • Pencil down what competencies and skills you already possess and need to master.

    • Understand what role in the recruitment department suits you the best.

    • Make a career growth roadmap.

    • You will know the principles of systematic recruitment and be able to apply them.

    • You’ll understand the nuances of storing personal data according to GDPR and choosing a candidate management platform for conducting the recruitment process.


    • Related additional materials, articles and videos.

    • Step-by-step Guide From Zero to Hero. A Successful Recruitment Career Path. 


    • How To Lesson: How to polish your LinkedIn.

  • Module 2. Preparing for the search. Intake meeting & talent mapping

    You will learn:

    • How to prepare for the search.
    • How to conduct an effective intake meeting with a hiring manager?
    • Talent mapping: how to get 80% of the results with 20% of the effort.
    • How to prepare for sourcing.
    • How to build a strategy, select channels and make a step-by-step search plan.
    • How to edit Google settings for productive sourcing.
    • Which plugins and useful tools to install in Chrome.
    • LinkedIn subscriptions. What is the difference between LinkedIn Premium, Recruiter Lite, Sales Navigator.

    Module outcomes:

    • You’ll be able to have a dialogue with the hiring manager and take a detailed job description for the role that will ensure the success of the search.
    • You will be able to analyse the candidate market and make competent talent mapping.
    • You’ll know how to make a step-by-step plan for a targeted search for a specialist.
    • You will prepare for sourcing
    • You will adjust Google and browser settings
    • You will learn how to be more productive with the help of free Chrome extensions.


    • Related additional materials and articles.
    • IT Talent Intake meeting questions.
    • Intake meeting Checklists.
    • Step-by-step Search Plan from IT Talent.
    • Candidate Sourcing Funnel and Output Calculator by Glen Cathey.


    • PRO Lesson. How to establish productive cooperation with a recruitment agency.
  • Module 3. Boolean Search. Sourcing on LinkedIn

    You will learn:

    • How to search effectively on LinkedIn. Boolean operators on LinkedIn.
    • What additional features does LinkedIn have for a more accurate search?
    • How to search even more effectively on LinkedIn.
    • How to bypass LinkedIn restrictions and find even more suitable candidates.
    • How to easily and effortlessly build more complex combinations of Boolean operators on Linkedin.
    • How to turn your email list into contacts on LinkedIn.
    • What plugins and useful tools in Chrome will help you work with LinkedIn?
    • How to quickly find additional information about a candidate and their contact details.
    • What are the possibilities of searching and automating the search for candidates on job boards?

    Module outcomes:

    • You’ll use the basic Boolean search operators.
    • You can search for candidates for any profile on LinkedIn.
    • You will be able to find the most suitable candidates using the Boolean search operator.
    • You’ll take the maximum from the search in the databases of candidates.
    • You’ll know how to use additional LinkedIn search options and filters to filter out inappropriate profiles and spend less time searching.
    • You will be able to use Boolean search operators more productively and bypass LinkedIn restrictions to find much more suitable candidates.
    • You will operate with useful tools - Chrome plugins that will allow you to work more efficiently and significantly save time and effort at the search stage.
    • You’ll know how to grow your network of contacts on LinkedIn faster.
    • You’ll hone your speed and "smart" search skills to automatism.


    • Related additional materials, articles and videos.
    • LinkedIn advanced search strings generator “Boolean Limit Workaround Search Builder” from Irina Shamaeva.


    • How To Lesson: How to avoid and escape LinkedIn Jail.
  • Module 4. Sourcing in Google. Google X-Ray

    You will learn:

    • How to search candidates in Google using Google X-ray operators.
    • How to find even more candidate profiles on Linkedin using Google X-ray operators.
    • What alternative channels for finding candidates outside of Linkedin are used for sourcing?
    • How Google X-ray operators help you find resumes and portfolios on the Internet.
    • How to automate the composing of search queries for sourcing using automated query generators.
    • What are the free platforms and plugins for fast and efficient sourcing?
    • How to find contacts of candidates on the internet.

    Module outcomes:

    • You’ll be able to find even more candidate profiles on Linkedin using the Google X-Ray search operators.
    • You’ll discover even more candidates outside of LinkedIn with Google's X-Ray search.
    • You’ll master various creative approaches in the search and find resources available to a limited number of recruiters.
    • You’ll be able to automate the composing of search queries for sourcing using generators.
    • You’ll know how to find the contact details of candidates and contact them directly.


    • Related additional materials, articles and videos.
    • Search query generator for searching Linkedin, Github, Dribble, Xing, Twitter.


    • Sourcing Templates Library.
  • Module 5. Job posting on social media. Engaging candidates into the recruitment process

    You will learn:

    • When and in what channels is it better to post vacancies?
    • What channels are the best for reaching out to candidates?
    • How to create a personalized pitch and letters that are sure to be answered.
    • How to plan the follow-up process.
    • How to create email templates to save time while emailing candidates.
    • How to track the effectiveness of mailings and measure and analyze open and reply rates.
    • How to build email campaigns using automation.

    Module outcomes:

    • You will write letters that candidates always respond to.
    • You will be able to save time using templates and modern mailing tools.
    • You will be able to use modern online tools for effective communication with candidates.
    • You will learn how to automate work and monitor its effectiveness.
    • You will spend less time emailing and be more productive.


    • Related additional materials, articles and videos.
    • Video tutorials to help you understand how to use automation and create automated email sequences.
    • Step-by-step Search Plan from IT Talent.
    • The job description questions checklist.


    • PRO Lesson. How to work with your email like a PRO.
  • Module 6. Сonducting interviews and selecting candidates

    You will learn:

    • How to conduct pre-screening interviews to interest the suitable candidates and filter out the unsuitable ones.
    • What types of interviews exist and how to choose the right type.
    • How to evaluate hard skills & soft skills.
    • What criteria are used to select candidates, and draw up a candidate scorecard (scorecard).
    • Where and how to interview. The best digital solutions and technical hacks for a successful online interview.

    Module outcomes:

    • You will be able to use various solutions for conducting online and offline interviews.
    • You’ll know how to make the right choice in interview methods that are appropriate for your job.
    • You’ll be able to systematise the process of evaluation and selection of candidates. You will reach common grounds with the team.
    • You will be able to draw up a scorecard and systematise the assessment of the suitability of candidates for the position.


    • Related additional materials, articles and videos.
    • Scorecard template.
    • Pre-screening question template.


    • PRO Lesson. How to make the recruitment process Agile.
  • Module 7. The final stage of the process. Selecting and hiring the candidates

    You will learn:

    • How to use psychological testing in selection. Popular testing methods.
    • How to give high-quality feedback to candidates and reject politely.
    • How to build and maintain relationships with candidates, even after rejection.
    • Candidate experience: why and how to measure the candidate's impression of the process.
    • How to ensure a good impression of the candidate during the selection process, regardless of the outcome of the competition.
    • How to motivate a candidate, influence the decision to accept a job offer.
    • How to deal with rejections and counter offers.
    • How to inspire a candidate for relocation and help overcome fears.

    Module outcomes:

    • You will understand the importance and learn how to correctly check the recommendations of the candidate.
    • You will learn how to deal with objections and bring the offer to acceptance.
    • You will be able to remain on good terms with the candidate, even after the rejection.
    • You will be able to create pleasant impressions and a positive attitude towards the company in the candidate, even if he did not apply for the vacancy.
    • You will learn to analyse the candidate's impression of the process and identify weaknesses in the hiring process.


    • Related additional materials, articles and videos.


    • PRO Lesson. How to grow your LinkedIn network on steroids.
  • Module 8. Onboarding. Finishing the recruitment cycle. Reflecting on results

    You will learn:

    • How to complete the recruitment cycle.
    • How to analyse the process and results.
    • How to save search results for the future.
    • Why is onboarding so important and what does it affect?
    • How to successfully onboard a new employee.

    Module outcomes:

    • You will be able to design a productive Onboarding plan.
    • You will be able to collect data and analyze recruitment metrics.
    • You’ll know how to properly save the results of the process in order to be able to return to the candidates with another proposal.
    • You’ll be able to repeat this path many more times in your work, using the saved developments.
    • You will make a plan for future learning and career development.


    • Related additional materials, articles and videos.
    • Recommendations for additional materials: blogs, videos, articles and books.


    • How to use an AI assistant in recruitment?



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    You can pay for the course in full online by clicking on the "Buy the course" button.

  • Unemployment Insurance Fund

    IT Talent is a training card cooperation partner of the Unemployment Insurance Fund. If you are a resident of Estonia and out of work, you have the opportunity to get help to take the course from European funds.

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    Training can be a great investment for a company. Educate your employees - save on agency fees.

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    IT Talent provides the opportunity to pay for the course in installments through the internal installment plan. Leave a request and we will contact you with details.


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Frequently asked questions

I'm not sure I can make it. Can I?Yes, you will have a lot of work to do. But you can do it! Throughout your journey, there will be curators to help you, a general chat with us: experts, a huge number of additional materials and support from colleagues. Our goal is not just to give information, but to instill in you the habits of a HEALTHY and PRODUCTIVE workflow. Therefore, we will immediately work out all the knowledge in practice and turn it into skills. In order to get what you have never had, you must do what you have never done before. The course will surely give you confidence in your abilities. If required, we will also support you in your job search.
I do not have time for it…We have a very flexible learning format, so you can adjust most of the lessons to fit your personal schedule. Moreover, our online educational platform allows you to study both from your desktop and from your mobile phone. We've also designed our training in a way that helps you perform your workflow, making it more productive. If you are an active recruiter, during the course we will work on your real vacancies. You will also have access to the course for 3 months. You will be able to repeatedly return to the materials to polish the new skills.
What if I have zero experience in recruitment?In our training you get a roadmap and go step by step through the entire recruitment cycle. With our full support, in a friendly atmosphere and a safe space for mistakes. All you have to do is trust us and complete all assignments. You'll end up with all the latest knowledge and tools you need to get started in the profession. According to the experience of our graduates, you'll be technically better prepared than some of the acting recruiters who work in a non-systematic way, and don't use data-driven and candidate-centric approaches.
I have a regular LinkedIn account, will that be enough?During the course, we will work together on your LinkedIn profile, your task is to create it, because it is an important tool for a recruiter. It does not have to be a paid account. However, the paid account will give you access to more candidates.
Is there too much basic information in the course?We have had different students before. The experienced HRs and recruiters who had joined the course before confirmed that they were able to get a lot of useful information. The course helps to polish sourcing skills, get acquainted with modern tools that greatly simplify the work of a recruiter, properly organise the recruitment process in a company and increase the productivity of a recruiter of any level. Mind that even the basic information changes rapidly and by updating your skills you will be aware of the modern trends and tools.
Will I be able to study in English?We have provided several options to help you better understand the material. You can adjust the speed of the video lessons according to your level of proficiency or pause them at a difficult moment and listen again. You can also reinforce the new material by downloading the slides. All lessons are also accompanied by summaries. As a result, one of the achievements of the course will be a significant improvement in your English level in terms of professional use.
Will I be able to find a job?There is an acute shortage of specialists in the market. For those who are just starting their journey in IT recruitment, we provide support by sharing useful materials for preparing for an interview, and of course, moral support, giving self-confidence. We teach you to make yourself known in the market and support you in the search even after the end of the course. You will learn from the best practitioners in the field who have been named the best recruiter of 2022. We hired for the best IT companies in Estonia! IT Talent is a trademark of quality in Estonian recruitment.
It's too expensive for me95% of our students being fresh recruiters found jobs right after the course. 100% of our students being active recruiters improved their productivity and are able to fill at least 3 times more vacancies after the course. All of our students increase their income at least one-third within a few months after the course. This means that with our training you improve the quality of your life and invest in rapid career growth: our students get from 1-2 promotions per year. If you need help with funding your studies, contact us to discuss your options.
I'm not sure I can do this in a 100% self-study format. Is there any support on the course, though?As you go through the course, you're in touch with your mentor and can get as much support as you need in the comments on the lessons and feedback on the assignments. We are available to help you with any difficulties you encounter.