Advanced Recruitment:
Productivity, AI and Automation

Improve your workflow with AI-powered recruitment automation. Boost your efficiency by embracing technology!

Start: 2. June

Format: online


By the end of the course, you will automate the recruitment process and enhance its productivity. You will delegate certain tasks to artificial intelligence and find more suitable candidates in less time by applying advanced web-based sourcing methods, recruitment software, and digital applications. You will plan the development of your personal professional brand and the expansion of your professional network.

  • 50 academic hours

    50 hours of self-paced independent work with practical assignments and feedback from the teacher.

  • 8 educational modules

    38 video lessons: from PRO-level sourcing to the automation of talent pools and network building with AI.

  • 8 bonuses to win

    8 great bonus video lessons to win if you pass the assessments.

  • 4 weeks of practice

    Work on your vacancy through the course with hands-on guidance and detailed mentor feedback.

  • 1 live meeting with mentor

    Each live is 3 academic hours online, with answers to all your questions and support from the mentor.

  • Advanced Recruiter's Toolkit

    Tutorial videos and manuals for increasing your productivity by several times.

Who are these courses for?

Recruiters who master the basics of sourcing and aim to enhance their work efficiency, taking their sourcing skills to the next level by incorporating more automated tools and dedicating more time to building their personal or company brand.

HR professionals possessing fundamental recruitment knowledge, seeking to increase productivity through the implementation of automation, digitization, and partial delegation of tasks to artificial intelligence.

HR team leaders aiming to improve team and company performance by elevating digital competence and automation levels.

All members of the IT team involved in recruitment, looking to elevate their work to a new level of competence and digital skills, while avoiding burnout.


Learning outcomes

  • You will analyze which tasks in the recruitment process can be automated and delegated to AI, and expertly apply recruitment software, digital applications, and artificial intelligence assistance.

  • You will swiftly find numerous suitable candidates on various social media platforms by creating advanced sourcing queries and automating data collection through scraping robots and Chrome extensions.

  • You will plan and execute automated candidate sourcing and engaging campaigns using multiple robots chained together.

  • You will create potential candidate pools and process data using digital solutions.

  • You will interpret the results of collected automated campaigns and discuss ways to increase the efficiency of the recruitment process.

  • You will analyze their personal brand using the Social Selling Index (SSI) method and plan how to regularly grow their contact network through content creation and automation.


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  • Certificate

    A certificate is awarded to a student who has attended 70% of the lessons, completed 70% of the assignments, and successfully passed the final test.

  • Personal AI assistant

    Free yourself from burnout tasks and focus on what energizes you.

  • Increased productivity

    100% of our students, as active recruiters, increase their productivity and close at least 3 times more positions after the course.

  • Network like never before

    Grow your LinkedIn on steroids, fill vacancies with 1 post.

  • Elevated personal brand

    Welcome to the ranks of top recruiters in the market.

  • Advanced Recruiter's Toolkit

    Tutorial videos and manuals for increasing your productivity and efficiency by several times.

Our students work here

IT Talent students work at "Bondora"
IT Talent students work at "Eesti Energia"
IT Talent students work at "LHV"
IT Talent students work at "Iglu"
IT Talent students work at "Manpower"
IT Talent students work at "Bondora"
IT Talent students work at "Eesti Energia"
IT Talent students work at "LHV"
IT Talent students work at "Iglu"
IT Talent students work at "Manpower"

The results of our students

Maris Otteson - results of the recruitment course at the IT Talent Academy
Maris Otteson

Junior IT Recruiter

  • From Junior

    Maris came to recruitment from commerce. She was promoted to junior IT recruiter and felt the need to pump up her technical competencies.

  • To Recruitment Business Partner

    Within six months, Maris had gone through all of our training steps. She graduated as a winner two of the steps as a top student. As a result, Maris was promoted to Recruitment Business Partner and lit up her entire team, including the company's CTO.


From the beginning of this year I have taken part of all the #ittalent courses. I can see how I have grown and how much my approach to challenges has changed. It's been an amazing ride and I am very grateful to all of the teachers, not just for the theoretical part but also for the personal experience they shared.

Irina Ranneva - results of IT Talent Academy students
Irina Ranneva

English teacher

  • From English teacher

    Ira worked as an English teacher and was severely burned out in the Covid.

  • To IT Recruiter

    Ira became one of the winners of the course, winning free tuition at the next level. She overcame all of her fears and found her first job as an IT Recruiter.


Julia Jolkin, Alina Kutlugalina, and Ekaterina Krivich gently guided me from zero to hero. Looking forward to the next course with you!

Kaidi Räsu
Kaidi Räsu

Stay-at-Home Mom

  • From Stay-at-Home Mom

    Kaidi, a stay-at-home mom, desired a new career in IT recruitment. With no prior experience, she doubted her abilities to succeed.

  • To IT Recruiter

    Through IT Talent Academy courses, Kaidi overcame self-doubt, embraced flexibility, and discovered remote opportunities. Now, she thrives as a skilled IT recruiter, understanding candidates' needs.


I had been a stay-at-home mum for the past 5 years, completely away from HR and work life in general. So the circumstances were far from perfect. But I didn't give up. And It was because I began to feel that my teachers saw value in me. It's amazing how far you are willing to go when someone believes in you.

Polina Shalova
Polina Shalova

Freelance Marketing Manager

  • From Aspiring Newbie

    Polina, a beginner, sought a meaningful career in recruitment but lacked experience and a strong network.

  • To Inspiring Recruiter

    Through the IT Talent Academy's Modern Recruitment, Technical Competence, and Advanced Recruitment courses, Polina blossomed into an inspiring recruiter and joined Apollo.


One thing I loved about this course was not just gaining practical knowledge about automation tools that can make building and managing candidate pools and reaching out ten times faster, but also experiencing a mindset shift.

Kedi Le Brocque
Kedi Le Brocque

Head of Human Resources

  • From Maternity Leave

    Kedi wanted to acquire internationally transferable skills and get a new career direction.

  • To Talent Acquisition Partner

    Kedi successfully graduated from the IT Talent Academy, securing her dream job as a Talent Acquisition Partner at Genius Sports.


If you are seeking to broaden your horizons and expand your professional capabilities, I highly recommend this incredible course.

Valeria Paas
Valeria Paas


  • From Unemployed

    Valeria lost her job and felt uncertain about her future.

  • To People Partner in 3 Months

    Valeria started to learn IT recruitment, and within a month, she found a new job as People Partner at DomeStack. Training helped her solidify her skills and gain confidence in her new profession.


2 months of the course behind my back, and my life has already turned 180 degrees. Fantastic result!

Mariyam Ydyrys
Mariyam Ydyrys

Career Advisor

  • From Career Advisor

    Mariyam, a career advisor from Kazakhstan, moved to Estonia and decided to pursue a career as an IT recruiter, despite having no prior experience or knowledge of the subject.

  • To Technical Sourcer in 5 Months

    With 3 IT Talent Academy certificates in a row, Mariyam landed a job as a Technical Sourcer at Wise, impressing interviewers with her knowledge of recruitment automation.


Thanks for the brilliant professionals at IT Talent Estonia especially Julia Jolkin 👠👠 and Alina Kutlugalina. My life credo is to learn from the best, and they are the best in technical recruiting for sure.

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Our speakers

  • Julia Jolkin

    Julia Jolkin

    Top IT Recruiter, Founder of IT Talent and IT Talent Academy, Mentor

Course program

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  • Module 1. Evaluate your competencies. How automation can help you growth

    Curriculum group:
    0688 Interdisciplinary Curriculum Group in Information and Communication Technology.

    You will learn:

    • How to become an advanced recruiter? What should he/she be able to do?

    • What holds back your growth? What will help you reach the next professional level?

    • What is the easiest to automate in a recruiter's job? What should definitely involve human touch?

    Module outcomes:

    • You will understand how to stand out from your fellow recruiters by becoming more productive, filling more positions, while spending less time.

    • Find out what part of your work you can easily automate.

    • Define whether it's humane to use automation.


    • Related additional materials, articles and videos.


    • How To Lesson: How to Create an Image with the Help of AI.

  • Module 2. Scrape the search results. How to find QIA candidates faster

    You will learn:

    • What's the fastest way to find the QIA candidates on LinkedIn?

    • Pareto's law: how to find the 20% that give 80% of the results?

    • What is scraping? Is it legal?

    • What search results can be scraped on LinkedIn?

    • How to organize a candidate pool on LinkedIn and fill it with the QIA candidates?

    • What kind of robots can you use right away to automate your sourcing?

    • How to be safe online and avoid being blocked on LinkedIn?

    Module outcomes:

    • Understand where to apply 20% of your effort to gain 80% of the result.

    • Install and apply the robot without fear of being blocked by LinkedIn.

    • Configure the robot by yourself and scrape the first results of your search.

    • Understand how to skip typical scraping mistakes.


    • Video tutorial on installing the robot.

    • Video tutorial on LinkedIn scraping.

    • LinkedIn scraping best practices.

    • Related articles.


    • PRO Lesson: How to Prepare for a Search with the Help of AI.

  • Module 3. Build and manage candidate pools. How to reach out to potential candidates faster

    You will learn:

    • How to find candidates faster every time?

    • How can you easily grow your LinkedIn network with automation?

    • What's the difference between a proactive and reactive approach to finding candidates?

    • How to arrange your LinkedIn candidates pool and manage your funnel in an organized way?

    • How to delegate LinkedIn messaging to a robot?

    • How to write personalized messages using automation?

    • How to set up a candidate recruitment funnel campaign by spending no more than 15 minutes?

    • How to proceed with caution and avoid being blocked by LinkedIn?

    Module outcomes:

    • Learn to find even more scraping opportunities for candidates on LinkedIn.

    • Quickly connect with candidates you're interested in.

    • Send personalized messages to a wide range of potential candidates.

    • Easily fill your recruiting funnel with potential candidates.

    • Learn how to write warm, personalized messages to your candidates.

    • Learn from our mistakes and avoid being blocked by LinkedIn.


    • Video tutorial on how to use the robot.

    • Video tutorial on setting up a mailing campaign with a robot.

    • LinkedIn automation rate limits and best practices.

    • Related articles.


    • PRO Lesson: LinkedIn automation with a new tool.

  • Module 4. Scrape like a PRO. How to find, scrape and engage even more candidates from LinkedIn

    You will learn:

    • How to find even more job candidates on LinkedIn.

    • How to grow your LinkedIn network even faster with automation.

    • How to scrape LinkedIn profiles when using different LinkedIn subscriptions.

    • How to delegate your LinkedIn messaging to another robot.

    • How to set up a several-step outreach campaign spending no more than 15 minutes through another automation.

    • How to act carefully but keep increasing automation on LinkedIn and still avoid being blocked.

    Module outcomes:

    • Discover new ways to find potential candidates on LinkedIn.

    • Connect to candidates even more efficiently.

    • Enhance your communication strategy via smart automation.

    • Grow your network like on steroids without being jailed by LinkedIn.

    • Build a strong recruiting pipeline by learning from our missteps.


    • Video tutorial on how to use another robot.

    • Video tutorial on how to use this robot to set up an outreach campaign.

    • LinkedIn automation rate limits and best practices.

    • Related articles.


    • How To Lesson. How to Grow Your Network in Style with Automation.

  • Module 5. Step outside of the Linkedin bubble. How to find, scrape and engage candidates from other sources

    You will learn:

    • How to find even more job candidates outside of LinkedIn?

    • What sources and features are available for scraping candidates outside of LinkedIn?

    • How to find Linkedin profiles and emails of candidates discovered outside of LinkedIn?

    Module outcomes:

    • Finally go beyond LinkedIn and start using advanced recruiting techniques.

    • Find candidates where 90% of recruiters don't reach.

    • Gain the confidence to search for candidates online in an alternative way.

    • Find candidates on GitHub and connect with them on LinkedIn.

    • Get more responses to your vacancy.

    • Learn from our past recruiting challenges to find the best candidates.


    • Video tutorial on using the robot.

    • Video tutorial on setting up related actions with a robot.

    • LinkedIn automation rate limits and best practices.

    • Related articles.


    • PRO Lesson: How to prepare for an Interview with the help of AI

  • Module 6. Building a workflow using smarter search strategies. Master your workflow. Visualization and analysis of campaign results

    You will learn:

    • How to keep focus and switch the search approach from reactive to proactive?

    • How to make a search plan and stick to it?

    • How to form pools of potential candidates?

    • How to automate processes with a robot: search, engagement and tracking.

    • How to quickly create and set up a sequence for sending a personalized message chain with the help of automation.

    • How to launch campaigns without spending more than half an hour creating a chain of interconnected robots.

    • How to visualize the results of automated campaigns in a convenient dashboard?

    • How not to be afraid to make mistakes and gradually improve campaigns.

    Module outcomes:

    • Start creating and developing candidate pools in accordance with GDPR rules.

    • Change your approach to search from reactive to proactive.

    • Speed up the search process and shorten the “time to fill”.

    • Learn how to send informational messages to a large number of potential candidates using robots in accordance with GDPR rules.

    • Can bring your workflows to perfection with the help of automation.

    • Be able to think over and set up the automation of daily routine tasks as accurately as possible, and delegate them to robots.

    • On numerous examples of other people's mistakes, you will understand what you should pay special attention to when using robots.


    • Video tutorials on working with robots that you can use to set up automation step by step.


    • PRO Lesson: Learn how to "pick mushrooms" when sourcing on LinkedIn

  • Module 7. Grow your brand. How to build your network and develop the brand faster

    You will learn:

    • Why should you build a personal and employer brand?

    • How to build a quality network on LinkedIn?

    • What's the difference between cold and warm candidates?

    • How to accelerate the growth of your network with robots?

    • How to successfully work on growing your brand and company brand?

    • How to create content on a regular basis?

    • How to grow your company's audience?

    • What robots can you use right away to automate the growth of your LinkedIn network?

    Module outcomes:

    • Understand what methods are effective for building a personal brand.

    • Become a recruiter who gets contacted by the candidates themselves.

    • Automate your network growth processes so your LinkedIn network increases significantly faster.

    • Understand how to help your company brand grow on a regular basis through content and automation.

    • Know the mistakes you should be avoiding.


    • Table of templates for the content plan.

    • Table of tracking network numbers.

    • Video tutorials on how to use the robot.


    • PRO Lesson: How to create a content plan and posts with the help of AI.

  • Module 8. Keep growing! How to plan and progress in your development curve

    You will learn:

    • How to analyze the results of the recruitment workflow?

    • How to analyze the performance metrics of search strategies and track the performance of campaigns?

    • What recruitment metrics are important?

    • How to keep focus at work and increase productivity?

    • What methodology will help increase the productivity and accelerate the professional growth of the recruiting team?

    • How to continue professional development after the course?

    Module outcomes:

    • YLearn to measure what matters and track recruitment performance.

    • Learn to track metrics and analyze the results of automated campaigns.

    • Understand the difference between KPIs and OKRs.

    • Learn to set bold goals and identify measurable results.

    • Find out who the recruiter's main competitor is.

    • Build yourself a plan for further growth in the profession.


    • Further reading on productivity in recruitment.


    • PRO Lesson: How to make the recruitment process Agile.



  • Pay for the course in full

    You can pay for the course in full online by clicking on the "Buy the course" button.

  • Unemployment Insurance Fund

    IT Talent is a training card cooperation partner of the Unemployment Insurance Fund. If you are a resident of Estonia and out of work, you have the opportunity to get help to take the course from European funds.

  • Pay with a company

    Training can be a great investment for a company. Educate your employees - save on agency fees.

  • Pay in Installments

    IT Talent provides the opportunity to pay for the course in installments through the internal installment plan. Leave a request and we will contact you with details.

Frequently asked questions

What level do I need for the Advanced course?A confident knowledge of sourcing is required to take the course. If sourcing is not your strong side, we would suggest you buy a short course on sourcing and master smart search before you add automation to your queries.
I do not have time for it…We have a very flexible learning format, so you can adjust most of the lessons to fit your personal schedule. Moreover, our online educational platform allows you to study both from your desktop and from your mobile phone. We've also designed our training in a way that helps you perform your workflow, making it more productive. If you are an active recruiter, during the course we will work on your real vacancies. You will also have access to the course for 3 months. You will be able to repeatedly return to the materials to polish the new skills.
Is it legal to use robots in recruitment?As part of the course we will teach you how to scrape data from freely available sources and how to contact candidates via LinkedIn. If in doubt, we advise you to consult your company's rules and policies again and agree to the use of scraping and automation tools with your legal department.
I have a regular LinkedIn account, will that be enough?During the course, we will work together on your LinkedIn profile, your task is to create it, because it is an important tool for a recruiter. It does not have to be a paid account. However, the paid account will give you access to more candidates.
Is it appropriate to use robots in recruitment? Is it human?Is it appropriate to leave candidates unanswered and without feedback? Is it human not to call back and give feedback after an interview or a test assignment? Sometimes there is simply not enough time for good communication with candidates because of the abundance of tasks. Our course suggests automating routine work, delegating simple tasks to robots in order to free up time for more important processes, to give candidates maximum attention and better support in the process.
Will I be able to study in English?We have provided several options to help you better understand the material. You can adjust the speed of the video lessons according to your level of proficiency or pause them at a difficult moment and listen again. You can also reinforce the new material by downloading the slides. All lessons are also accompanied by summaries. As a result, one of the achievements of the course will be a significant improvement in your English level in terms of professional use.
It's too expensive for meBy investing in the knowledge that our course provides, you will already benefit in a measurable way as soon as you complete the course. You'll shorten the sourcing phase, get the most advanced tools and a ready-made hiring process structure that will save you time and increase the efficiency of your entire department.
I'm not sure I can do this in a 100% self-study format. Is there any support on the course, though?As you go through the course, you're in touch with your mentor and can get as much support as you need in the comments on the lessons and feedback on the assignments. We are available to help you with any difficulties you encounter.